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Session Title: DEI: As a core value of Leadership, amidst pandemics and uncertainty
Moderator:  Deanne Williams Bryant, Ed.D, Professor and Director, Bethune-Cookman                         University
Panelists:     E. LaBrent Chrite, Ph.D., President Bentley University
                     Andrea Agnew, VP Diversity and Inclusion Hilton Grand Vacations
                     Greg Deshields - Executive Director, PHL Diversity
                     Ronisha Goodwin – Hyatt Hotels DEI Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity &                           Inclusion
                     Brian Barker- FIU Endowed Chair of Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Session description: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are three words that roll off the tongue with such ease. There are a multitude of conversations addressing the topic and usually among those who are presumed experts or claim expertise.  The challenge of leading an organization and creating a culture of excellence dictates that DEI be a key component of the climatic environment to be most efficacious. This panel includes leaders from divergent aspects of a service type industry. They are charged with leading, mobilizing, interacting and touching hundreds of lives in their daily professional leadership roles. We will hear their stories and actions to become beacons of DEI as they navigate the complicated and sometimes emotional processes related to leadership in a dynamic and ever-changing global society.  This session asks participants to reflect on their DEI perspectives and efforts; to identify multiple approaches to becoming a catalyst for change to enable progress and advancing the DEI agenda in their disciplinary contexts.

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