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Session Title: Servant leadership styles as a challenge to develop innovation in resilient environments
Speaker: José G Vargas-Hernández, Research Professor, Universidad de Guadalajara

Session description: The current challenge for the survival and growth of companies is the appropriation of innovation in all its senses, the generation of propitiating resilient environments and the innovation philosophy acquisition into action; likewise improve internal dynamics and cohesion through a comparison of leadership styles oriented by the motivation to serve as servant leadership. In other words, each organization requires a specific, adaptable combination and personality according to its characteristics, organizational culture, and human capital, considering the needs, goals, and financial capital to become more resilient. It is analyzed aspects such as leadership style, motivation, and commitment to serve, level of empowerment, organizational culture, sense of belonging, trust in the company and knowledge of human capital with the aim of proposing those current and relevant factors that combine to maintain the organization in constant and permanent evolution. This chapter analyses the relevance of the culturally intelligent organizations to carry out innovation, likewise the styles of servant leadership and administration that generate a collective consciousness tending to create innovation and more resilient environments. Keywords: Innovative leadership, management styles, innovative environments, collective intelligence, cultural intelligence.

Bio:  José G Vargas-Hernández is a research professor at the University Center for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara and a member of the National System of Researchers of Mexico. Professor Vargas-Hernández has a PhD in Public Administration and a PhD in Organizational Economics. He has been a visiting scholar at Carleton University Canada, University of California Berkeley and Laurentian University, Canada. He published nine books and more than 300 papers in international journals and reviews (some translated to English, French, German, Portuguese, Farsi, Chinese, etc.) and more than 300 essays in national journals and reviews. He has obtained several international awards and recognitions. He has also experience in consultancy. His main research is in organizational economics and strategic management. He teaches for several doctoral programs.

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