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Session Title: Extended reality to help build leaders
Speaker: Jennifer Trout, Department Chair, Rasmussen University

Session description: The use of virtual reality or artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the business and educational world. With the recent pandemic forcing many educational systems and businesses alike to "reinvent the wheel" or the way business is transacted for current times, organizations are taking more challenging looks at extended reality (EX) to innovate the personal experience. EX technologies are being used to practice leadership skills in a virtual "safe space". Simulations, specifically, are used by current or soon to be leaders in their fields to tackle sensitive situations. Interpersonal tools like emotional intelligence or social intelligence skills used in a simulated environment can allow for the practical application of these skills by participants. The ability to practice varying situations impacts areas such as conflict resolution, diversity, coaching/mentoring, and many other human elemental areas.

Bio: Dr Jennifer Trout obtained her BS degree from USF in both Business Management and Marketing. She also holds an MBA in Management from Argosy University and a Doctorate in Management with a focus on Emotional Intelligence. Dr Trout has worked in the finance industry for over 15 years both in banking and in loan brokering before making the transition into education over 10 years ago. Since this transition, she has worked in many different roles in higher education before joining Rasmussen University in 2012. She has since been promoted to School of Business Department Chair for Human Resources & Organizational Leadership and Business Management programs for Rasmussen University. Additionally, Dr Trout works with many local business chapters, national professional groups, and the higher education community.

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