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Session Title: Be equipped: Tools for difficult conversations
Speaker: Maya Thomas-Fernandez, Director, Dallas College

Session description: When entering a conversation, the intent is not to charge it up, however, we can quickly find ourselves in a highly charged conversation. Running away is not the best response. In this session, we want to empower you with a few tools to help you navigate such situations towards a desirable outcome. This will be an interactive session, so come prepared to be equipped with tools to help with difficult conversations.

Bio:  Dr. Maya Thomas Fernandez is Director of Employer Resource Center at Dallas College. Dr Thomas Fernandez has been with Dallas College since 2017; she taught as an adjunct at Brookhaven Campus, and then full-time as Instructional Specialist-Health Information Technology at Cedar Valley Campus. Dr Thomas Fernandez is an Aspen Institute Economic Opportunity Fellow. She is passionate about student success and ensuring barriers are removed so all students can complete and reach their educational dreams. Dr Thomas Fernandez holds a Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration; MBA in Health Care Management, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Dr Thomas Fernandez held positions as Center Operations Director at Concentra and Practice Manager at Tufts Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She is Assistant Professor at West Coast University teaching for their MHA program. 

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