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Session Title: Working from home or sleeping at work: Quality of work-life balance during and after a year of isolations
Speaker: Deborah Bowen, Instructor, University of South Florida
                Adam Shoemaker, Associate Professor, Saint Leo University

Session description: Using anecdotal and research-based evidence, this TedX style talk aims to explore and understand the ways in which WLB have changed during and after a year of professional isolation. Why does the boss want us back in the office? Do we want to go back? Have I proven I can get my work done on my own? When do working stop and life begin?

Bio: Dr. Deborah Bowen earned her Masters in English Literature from NYU and her Ph.D. from the University of South Florida. She has worked in public relations for a variety of companies in the hospitality and tourism industries, including Walt Disney World. She currently teaches Public Relations Courses in the Zimmerman School at USF. Research interests include para-social relationships and social learning theory. Dr. Bowen hates math, loves cheese and looks forward to a time when we can all gather after the pandemic!

      J. Adam Shoemaker earned his PhD from the University of South Florida in 2007 and has enjoyed multiple careers in organizational and HRM consulting, training, education, and counselling psychology. He is an Associate Professor at Saint Leo University most recently researching work-life balance, return to work after COVID, and the importance of professional certification. He enjoys escape rooms, travel, and kittens.

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