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Session Title: Management of innovation in the pandemic times
Speaker: Nomita Sharma, Professor, University of Delhi

Session description: The highlight of the talk is the management of innovation during pandemic times. Management of innovation through different models will be discussed in relation to the current ongoing crisis. The barriers created by the pandemic and managing innovations for a speedy recovery from the pandemic will be the highlight of the talk. It focuses on providing solutions to problems in an efficient manner. As the pandemic puts the whole globe in the ocean of problems affecting the basic survival of mankind, organizations are focusing on a continuous innovation approach that will act as a savior in troubled times. Regular scanning of both internal and external environments became a necessity during pandemic. The innovative responses are developed and commercialized depending on the result of scanning. Also some products made before pandemic may find more utility/market/ adaptability during the pandemic. Some of the barriers faced during pandemic are threat to basic survival, air-borne infection, doubtful/Uncertain behavior of covid-19, discontinuity of internet connection, discontinuity of business activities, stress due to mental health, restrictions on movement, supplies shortage, lack of entertainment options, unable to maintain regular healthy regime, labor shortage etc.. Many timely innovations helped in fighting with the virus and ensured continuity of business activities. Time of innovation and duration taken to respond played an important role during pandemic.

Bio:  Dr. Nomita Sharma has completed her doctoral research from the University of Delhi, South Campus, researching in the area of management of innovations in Small and Medium Enterprises. She holds two Master Degrees in Management and Computer   Applications.   She began her career in   1997   as a   Human   Resource professional in different organizations before starting her teaching career in 2002. Presently, Dr. Nomita Sharma works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management   Studies,   University of   Delhi.  Her professional interest includes teaching and pursuing research in management-related areas, focusing on Innovation Management and its policy implications in the interdisciplinary areas. She explores innovation in education as well by exploring different subjects in management and computer applications. Specifically, her research interest includes exploring different strategies for management of innovation,  different ways that organizations adopt for staying competitive, the study of innovation in relation to macro and microenvironment.   She has been associated with   Asian   Productivity Organization (APO), Japan as a Resource Person since 2017. Recently she has given an online productivity talk for them. She has developed course material for a self e-learning course on management of innovation in SMEs and conducted three e-Learning courses on Management Innovation in SMEs (Both Introductory and Advanced) for the member countries of APO, Japan. 

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