Session Title: Social Change In Healthcare: Igniting A Movement
Speaker: Dawit Rumicha, Research Scholar (NIH Trainee), University of Michigan

Session description: The presentation will be grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership developed at the University of California - Los Angeles with a specific focus on the individual level. Once the theoretical framework is introduced, the presentation will shift toward applying constructs of the individual level to healthcare delivery. Following the transition, there will be an emphasis drawn on the concept of being a change agent and how an individual can create positive change in healthcare delivery. The presentation will integrate 2-3 short YouTube clips to foster reflection and set the stage for a take-home challenge at the end. The goal of the take-home challenge is to have the audience practice authentic gratitude.

Bio:  Dawit Rumicha is a second-year medical student. He received his Master of Public Health at the University of Florida. In addition, he also earned two Bachelors of Science from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Biological Sciences and Neuroscience/Behavior. He currently is an appointed NIH trainee and research scholar at The Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR). Previously, Dawit served 2 years as FAU’s Director of Multicultural Programming and as Chair of the Multicultural Assembly. In his term, he actively utilized skills obtained from experiences in student leadership facilitation and achieved considerably increased outreach to the university student body. His strategic planning and efforts with his team lead to an average increase in active student participation of over 200%. Dawit also served as Head Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Florida where he taught courses such as Therapeutic Communications Lab, Health Care Leadership Skills & Styles, and Critical Thinking in Health Care. His research interests include; organizational diversity management, leadership theory, disparities in health care access, and health education.