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Session Title: Customer centricity: The human element as a core business driver
Speaker: Mary Ritz, President & Owner, Almenta International LLC

Session description: In this session, participants will gain an understanding and appreciation of the differences between the product-centric and customer-centric business models. After an objective comparison of them, the facilitator will expound on how customer-centricity outpaces a product-centric strategy for creating long-term sustainable value for customers and the organization. The presentation will examine the holistic characteristics of customer centricity and highlight the benefits, challenges, and competitive advantages of being a customer-centric organization. Another point of emphasis in this session will be on “The Human Element Triangle”, which is one of the components of the customer-centricity framework.  The human element is a framework within the overall customer-centricity framework that considers the dynamic relationship between an organization’s leadership, teams, and customers and how they interact and perform to drive customer-centricity.  This segment of the presentation addresses questions such as: What is the human element and why does it matter?  “How does the three-part “human element” relationship drive business performance and produce a competitive advantage in a customer-centric business model?

Bio: Dr. Mary Ritz is a leader, speaker, facilitator, and consultant. She is a dynamic leader, speaker, facilitator, and consultant with repeated success guiding strategy development, business performance improvement, and teambuilding for customer-centric operations in industry sectors that have included financial services, communications, retail, hospitality, and consulting. Expert international facilitator, trainer, speaker and communicator, who is able to bring energy, enthusiasm and humor to motivate team members to achieve potential and meet objectives. A highly organized manager and coach, who quickly assesses needs and provides tools to resolve difficulties, enhance learning and improve performance. Easily build rapport with individuals from diverse cultures and able to forge productive relationships at all levels. Proven achievements in start-up, expanding, and well-established environments. Strong international experience includes significant work in the US, Canada and several countries in Africa. Decisive leader and facilitator with an entrepreneurial spirit, a global perspective, and an exceptional work ethic.

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