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Session Title: Resilience hacks for leaders
Speaker: Suhas Rao, L & D Architect, HRAS-India

Session description: Resilience has become a critical area in the context of our personal and professional lives. Sensitizing on Resilience Hacks for the young millennial Leaders will help drive positive changes and reinforce better engagement in our lives. Developing Resilience will increase mental endurance, becoming optimistic, lending a helping hand when it's needed, inculcating certain values and morals, developing humour, and embracing fear. How do young leaders respond to challenges? Chances are, they meet new demands head-on and tend to bounce back faster than their more reserved counterparts if they are resilient. This isn’t a coincidence. While there are many characteristics that make up an excellent leader, one trait they often possess and share is emotional resilience, or the ability to quickly adapt to stressful situations or crises. And because the lines between work and personal living are more blurred than ever, making emotional resilience is a vital life skill for leaders. Undoubtedly, what we should be looking for is resilience in leaders is can they take a loss and rebound? Resilience is often hard to measure or evaluate. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. It’s what allows us to recover from change or hardship, whether in the workplace or in life, more generally. Today, as we adapt to unprecedented social distancing and public health requirements in our professional and personal lives, changes seem to come at lightning speed — and our resilience is tested more than ever. As millennial leaders, it’s important that they demonstrate resiliency for their colleagues at work. Someone with resilient leadership is someone who demonstrates the ability to see failures as minor setbacks, with the tenacity to bounce back quickly. In difficult times, these people are looking towards the leaders for emotional strength and courage as they remain positive and look for new opportunities. They’re looking for them to set the direction and light the path. If we practice resilient leadership, we can project a positive outlook that will help others maintain the emotional strength they need to commit to a shared vision, and the courage to move forward and overcome setbacks.

Bio:  Suhas Rao has a double Doctorate in Management [HR- Training & Development] and Marketing, an alumnus of IIT Bombay & IIM Lucknow, with professional credentials in Human Resources, Training & Development, Higher Education, Marketing, Tourism and Retail & Hospitality. He has progressive experience in Aviation & Hospitality domains of more than 3 decades with organizations like Air India, leading Hotels like Taj, Oberoi, ITC, Ramada, Sterling Resorts besides teaching Management, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, Retail & Travel & Tourism and being associated for with Corporate, Institutions & served as a Catalyst of Change for MSME & Start-Ups. He has imparted Corporate/ Retail/ Soft Skills/ Hospitality/Travel & Tourism/ Behavioral /Product & Process Training. He has proven tangible improvement in people performance through effective Learning & Development interventions to over 10000 participants at various levels and is appreciated by many clients for my ability to motivate teams & for running successful business process operations through effective training methodologies and verifiable success in developing human capital, building customer relationships and with a deep passion for performance maximization. 

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