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Session Title: Introverts, ambiverts and extroverts as excellent leaders
Speaker: Karl Moore, Associate Professor, McGill University

Session description: Based on over +450 interviews with C Suite executives and +100 interviews with Generation Z or younger Millennials this research project is resulting in a book, "We Are All Ambiverts Now" to be published by Stanford Press in 2022. Human beings are very complex, one useful way to think about people is if they are introverts, ambiverts or extroverts. It is a bell curve, most people are a bit introverted or extroverted, a few are more toward the ends of the curve. When you understand yourself, your manager, peers, and employees, you can work more effectively with them if you know where they fit on the spectrum.

Bio:  Karl Moore Associate Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University Green Templeton College, Oxford University Prior to his academic career Dr. Moore worked for eleven years in Canada sales and marketing management positions with IBM, and Hitachi. Before McGill, he taught at Oxford University for five years. He has recently presented his research on Introverts at Harvard Business School, Oxford, IMD, and the Stanford Business School. His research on Ambiverts has been highlighted in The Economist, in 2016 in the Schumpeter column and in 2021 in the Bartleby column. He hosts a weekly program, “The CEO Series” on CJAD, where he interviews global thought and business leaders one-on-one for an hour. Previous guests include Justin Trudeau, Nobel Prize Winner Muhammed Yunus, and Eileen Murry, co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates. In November of 2020, Karl and an Indigenous Graduate Student started a biweekly column for the Globe and Mail, Indigenous Leaders where they interview an Indigenous Leader in Canada and elsewhere. Karl has interviewed +1,000 CEOs, Prime Ministers, Generals and other senior leaders, among the most in the world, one of the few advantages of age is that you have done it longer than most everyone else. He has blogged weekly for Forbes for over 10 years and has a weekly piece in French in Les Affaires. Karl was recently nominated for the 2021 Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards in the Leadership Category as a top thinker for his work on introverts/extroverts in the C-Suite & Millennials. He has had 28 refereed journal articles and nine books. 

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