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Session Title: Self-development: Possibilities of learnings and international network during Covid-19
Speaker: Leonardo Aureliano da Silva, Professor, Ilma, University/ESPM, Brazil

Session description: Learn is a journey Self-development: Possibilities of Learnings and International Network during Covid-19 During the pandemic, many of us had to adapt our lives given the risk to be contaminated by coronavirus, and at the same time, to accomplish with our personal and professional responsibilities. In this context, self-development became an important aspect. We needed to learn how to re-learn and so to overcome the barriers of lockdown and social distancing. In fact, we had to reinvent ourselves in a short period of time. Instantly, we had to adapt our homes into home offices, and using the resources that we had at home. Also, we need to learn how to balance personal and professional obligations; rooms became offices, clients and children started competing by parents attention. Large and small businesses in different parts of the globe started to work with short budgets, dismissed some employees, and use different technologies to interact with partners and clients. Thanks to the Internet and technology at large! Conscious or not, we were forced to developed new abilities given the circumstances. We needed to become more responsible for ourselves! Learn how to use different technological resources to work, teach, learn etc. The world became “smaller”, and geographical distance is definitely not an issue anymore. The coronavirus pandemic brought sadness to the world, but also opportunities for self-development. Universities have provided access to a variety of learning opportunities to people from different countries. For example, the University of South Florida has hosted many courses in the Hospitality Industry for free. A wave of Webinars has been conducted in countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and given the opportunity to a variety of talented teachers to share their knowledge in their areas of expertise. Job opportunities to work remotely in different countries also emerged a lot. And, of course, students, professionals and people, in general, have been beneficiated with that. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and online video sharing platforms became sources of knowledge, information, and professional network. For example, on Facebook, you can be part of a community of people that will share job opportunities with you, or on YouTube, where you can learn an infinite number of things, from cooking to statistics. From this point of view, self-development is mandatory. Once the resources are available, and a new scenario has been established, for being employable and competitive, individuals must dedicate time to develop new skills and learn about technological tools. Thus, considering this brief reflection, the purpose of this presentation is to discuss insights about the importance of self-development and possibilities of learnings and international network during Covid-19 based on digital technologies and the internet.

Bio:  Dr. Leonardo Aureliano da Silva is a Brazilian professor and researcher with more than 13 years of experience, more than 20 papers published in national and international journals, and author of chapters of national and international books. Also acts as an international keynote speaker. He defines himself as a passionate professor and a lover of science. Kind husband and caring dad! A true believer in God! 

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