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Session Title: If your people compete you can forget cooperation
Speaker: Erdogan Koc, Professor, Bahcesehir University

Session description: Teamwork is one of the most significant influences on business performance and success. However, people who compete do not cooperate and be team players. Based on Muzafer Sherif's Intergroup conflict theory this presentation will show why members of a team such as the main goalkeeper and the substitute goalkeeper should not compete and how competition can be prevented. The presentation will also explain: - Factors increasing/decreasing team cohesiveness - The power of positive communication (Pygmalion effect and other anecdotes) - How to turn people with lose-lose and win-lose attitudes into people with win-win attitudes. The session will be based on real-life examples, research findings, and interesting anecdotes and stories.

Bio:  Professor Koc is a professor of marketing (specialising in services marketing management, consumer behaviour, tourism and hospitality marketing, and management). He currently works for Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey. He has about over 20 years of undergraduate and postgraduate level teaching experience in marketing, consumer behaviour, services marketing, and international marketing) and management at several international universities (both private and state universities), in addition to his research, and company training experience. He has a first degree in Communication Studies from the University of Istanbul, an MBA and DBA (from University of Wales, Cardiff Business School), and a PhD degree (from Oxford Brookes University) in the UK. He has taught at several international universities He has extensively published in top tier tourism, hospitality, and services marketing and management journals. He is the author/editor of several books (published by publishers such as Routledge and CABI) and book chapters. He serves as an editorial board member on the editorial boards of a number of journals (such as Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Journal of Promotion Management, etc.) and has acted as an ad hoc referee for over fifteen respectable journals. His research primarily focuses on the human element (both as consumers and employees) in tourism, hospitality, services marketing and management. Professor Koc provides consultancy and training services to a wide variety of service sector businesses. 

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