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Session Title: A short history of Hawaiian leadership to preserve a nations
Speaker: C. Manu Kaiama, Instructor, The University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Session description: The Hawaiian Kingdom was a recognized country in 1843. The leaders at that time had to deal with an influx of foreigners, a changing landscape, religion, government and a dying population. This presentation sheds some light on what the leaders (Kings and Queens) did, collectively, to attempt to save the Hawaiian race.

Bio:  Manu Kaiama has taught at the University of Hawai`i for just over 30 years. Her home base is at the Shidler College of Business. She is a practising CPA with two modest companies. She enjoys a dual appointment for teaching at the Center for Hawaiian Studies. She has won numerous teaching awards during her tenure and has had the privilege of recognition for her work in Native Hawaiian communities. Her passion is studying the history of her ancestors (Native Hawaiians), and supporting initiatives that attempt to exact justice for the wrongs committed against them currently and in the not so distant past. She is committed to sharing the accurate history of Hawai`i with the unknowing world. 

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