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Session Title: How to balance work-family life
Speaker: Phidelia Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Pac-J Services

Session description: Maintaining a healthy work-family/life balance is key to maintaining our well-being, yet it has become increasingly difficult to find that balance in recent years. This workshop will walk attendees through some self-reflective strategies to discover what their ideal work-life balance looks like and discuss practical, approachable ways to help bring that vision to life.

Bio:  Phidelia Johnson is a multi-passionate commercial business leader with the unique skill of advocating for both the employer and employee. Forged from over 18 years of broad and deep leadership success, she works with organizational leadership to streamline Human Resources administration, as well as provide solutions to ensure the mission, vision, and goals of the organization are met by applying fair and equitable practices while fostering an environment where people feel safe to engage and free to express ideas, perspective, abilities and returning value to shareholders through compliance, risk management, and motivated staff. 

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