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Session Title: Nurturing inner leader
Speaker: Mayya Ivashkevich, Managing Partner, Star Talk Language School

Session description: Born leader or not one often needs some guidance, someone to reveal this trait or trigger its development. In everyday practise, we meet so many different teachers (experienced ones, late starters, young professionals) and so many of them do not understand or see they are to be leaders in order to direct their students. You just need to find your time of leadership style.

Bio:  Mayya Ivashkevich is the managing partner of Star Talk Language School and she has been in English coaching for over 13 years. She studied applied linguistics as well as economics and got an EMBA in 2020. She loves working with people, sharing her knowledge, learning from them and finding new ways to develop their skills. Currently, she is developing herself as a mentor. Outside the professional sphere, she is a half-marathon runner and salsa-dance amateur. 

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