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Session Title: Building an unshakable success mindset
Speaker: Lauren & Candice Henry, Co-Founders & University Professors, Aretios

Session description: We’ve all heard that mindset makes all the difference in our efforts to be successful leaders, but not many people talk about how to actually create the right kind of mindset to get the results we’re all looking for. In this presentation, we’ll share the five steps to creating and sustaining the leader’s unshakable success mindset.



  1. The invisible influence that shapes all of us

  2. How to fast track your success every day

  3. The secret to sustaining a successful mindset

  4. Mastering the inner dialogue

  5. The reframe that all successful leaders practice

Bio: Lauren & Candice are top-rated university professors of leadership and co-founders of Aretios, a company dedicated to helping leaders and young professionals learn how to lead well and live the life they were designed for. These sisters bring over a decade of study in leadership and personal growth and 13 years of experience as leadership trainers. Through their work as success and influence strategists, they have done speaking and training sessions for global companies, non-profit organizations, and various colleges and universities. Lauren & Candice help people clarify their purpose and develop their influence so that they can live a life full of success, excitement, and meaning.

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