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Session Title: Leading with style: Effective use of situational leadership and emotional intelligence to support complex decision-making
Moderator: Evelina Gillard, Lecturer, Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
Panellists:    Håkan Andlid, Associate Certified Coach, Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
                     Alessandro Cavelzani, Professor, Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
                     Jorge Arnanz, Undergraduate Program Manager, Cesar Ritz Colleges                                 Switzerland

Session description: The panel will be dedicated to enriching the leaders’ toolbox for making complex decisions through leadership style variation. Leading well entails complex decision-making while considering common organizational goals as well as sustaining employee well-being at the same time. One of the approaches for tackling the decision complexity is varying leadership styles across different situations. How to decide when to lead differently for greater sustainability? We will draw upon theoretical research on Situational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence to explain (1) what is leadership style variation, (2) how to choose the leadership style that fits for addressing a specific situation, and (3) how to develop relevant managerial skills. Notably, we will expand on the idea that emotional intelligence can empower situational leadership and help to adopt the right approach for making complex decisions to sustain an organization. We will discuss why decision-makers should use a variety of leadership styles, what are potential risks associated with its use, and provide practical tips for decision-makers.

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