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Session Title: Mindset limitations?
Speaker: Vitale Diamandis, Gen Z Leader & Neoteric Pioneer, VitaleDiamandis, LLC

Session description: Leaders are born and develop early. It is a matter of the resources available and the right mindset. I am 16 years old and already a recognized international speaker. Leaders are those who act on every single opportunity they come across. Age, race or other factors do not matter when a leader is a true leader. Most of us have superficial limiters in our minds that prevent us to develop our true potential. The simple question to answer is: "Who Said That I Can't?"

Bio:  Vitale Diamandis is an internationally recognized public speaker. His start was at the Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston when he was 13 years old. Captivating his audience, he continues to provide motivational speeches. Vitale can easily relate to his peers by his young age and motivating them to become the best version of themselves. His once being an ordinary kid allows him to inspire audiences in his generation, and as well as connect with the generations that are ahead of him. He provides a very fresh perspective on innovation and the workplace environment that maximizes the use of explicit and implicit knowledge taken to the upmost levels. 

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