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Session Title: Inclusive leadership: Sustainable for a long if rooted in the country’s culture, ethos and values
Speaker:  Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, Professor, Symbiosis Institute of International Business

Short description: It is important to understand the meaning of Equality in the concept of Inclusivity. Equality means to provide equal opportunities to all without discrimination, so that, all can get an equal chance to perform and earn rewards. Equality does not mean providing ‘equal rewards to all, irrespective of the level of performance’. The reward is expected to be provided based on Merit and Performance. However, resources for basic needs necessary for human beings should be available to all. Discussion on inclusivity and inclusive leadership is meaningless if people continue to stay hungry and have very basic needs to be fulfilled. There is a need for the policymakers, decision-makers, political leaders, religious leaders, spiritual leaders etc., to put in efforts to enlighten the society to be inclusive, tell them the importance and benefits of inclusiveness, tell them to respect others’ religion as much as they respect their own, then only we can say that society and citizens have learnt to be inclusive, and then, the society is definitely going to produce more inclusive leaders in future. There is a need for educationists, universities to put-in efforts to educate and enlighten the students of today who will be held responsible positions tomorrow, to be inclusive leaders. There is a need for members of different sections of society to understand responsibilities and duties along with their rights. If we only ask for our undue rights (and that too at the cost of others’ rights, sometimes) and ignore our duties & responsibilities for society/ for the Nation, that may lead to imbalance and conflicts. As we get benefits from the society, nation and the planet; we owe to contribute & give back to the society, nation and the planet. Otherwise, it may put undue pressure on the Inclusive Leaders and the inclusive nature of the society … and they may be in a dilemma regarding how to deal with such sections of people. This is the responsibility of every individual/ every citizen to help the Inclusive Leader to perform his or her duties well, rather than creating trouble for the inclusive leader and for the society. If the citizens, public understand their duties, responsibilities, & rights very well; if the society at large has a culture of inclusivity in the real sense; if there are checks & balances within different communities & sections of society to ensure fairness & justice for them and for others; it will produce more Inclusive Leaders. There is a need for people to love, respect, and recognize each other as Human Beings, rather than recognizing them on the basis of religion, caste, creed, region, wealth, colour etc. We should not forget that when human beings first came to the planet, none of these labels was there, these were created by a man later on. A mere understanding of these things may help us to move beyond the boundaries of religions, caste, creed etc. Then only, we can see such a society, nation and planet where people can live with Peace & Harmony, enjoying inclusivity and producing inclusive leaders in a Real Sense at micro levels and at macro levels.

Bio: Prof. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, a Ph. D in Management, has around 32 years of academic and industry work experience. Currently, he is working with Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune India, as a Professor & Head of the Department – of Human Resources.  He has served as a Member of the Academic Council and a Member of the   Board of   Studies of the   Faculty of  Management of   Symbiosis International   Deemed   University.   He has around   50   publications,   around   15 presentations in conferences,  and has completed more than  20 global certification programs.   He has chaired technical sessions at conferences,   conducted training programs and is a highly rated professor by his students.  He also has received a couple of awards at the National Level. He values honesty, integrity, transparency and forthrightness. He has also served society as a Rotarian, was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International,  and also held the position of Director- Club Administration for his Rotary Club.


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