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Session Title: Self-efficacy and emotional intelligence: Keys to unleashing leader potential
Speaker: Jacqueline Awadzi Calloway, Visiting Professor, DeVry University

Session description: Emotional intelligence and self-efficacy are terms, which have become synonymous with leader success and organizational achievement. In this new century of hyper-competition, the role of the leader and his or her ability to influence organizational members towards goal achievement is of paramount importance. Intelligence and success theories have and continue to evolve, no longer is the focus on intelligence and reasoning, but rather on creativity, emotion and interpersonal skills (Steers, Porter, & Bigley, 1996). Researchers recognize the pivotal function that emotional intelligence and self-efficacy play in this reimagined marketplace. Research supports that a leader’s understanding of personal and subordinate emotional intelligence can help the leader understand, foster, and enhance self-efficacy and collective efficacy, and thereby enhance performance (Yukl, 2010). Therefore, developing skills in the areas of emotional intelligence and self-efficacy are key building blocks of leadership.

Bio: Dr. Awadzi-Calloway is a results-oriented business and technology trainer and educator with 14 years of experience teaching adult learners via web-based, hybrid and face-to-face course delivery. She excels at leveraging and managing a diverse student body for increased collaboration and learning. She has leadership experience in strategic curriculum planning and program evaluation and development, student retention and faculty mentoring. Dr. Awadzi-Calloway is skilled in instructional design, training, assessment, and content development. Her areas of teaching and training expertise include Workforce Development, Conflict Resolution, Information Systems, Organizational Behavior and Change, Business Law, Management, Systems Analysis, Statistics, Business Process Design, Leadership and Project Management. Dr. Awadzi-Calloway earned her PhD. in Organization and Management from Capella University, her Masters in Business Administration from Texas A&M University and her Masters of Science in Educational Technology from the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University. She holds graduate certificates in Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management. Dr. Awadzi-Calloway has industry experience in the fields of petroleum engineering, staffing, information technology, compliance, new business development, training, and project management. Dr. Awadzi-Calloway’s research focuses on leadership and emotional intelligence and she has authored several publications. She is an active member of Women in Higher Education and the American Association of University Women and is also involved in several community volunteer associations. Dr. Awadzi-Calloway believes in life-long learning and is committed to learner success and engagement.

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