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The Leadership Summit WHITE TRansparent.

Focus on Ethical and Inclusive Leadership: 
Strategies for Post-COVID World


 Registration: Free

Stay Ahead of the Industry

The Leadership Summit

  • Are all leaders born? Can you become a leader later?

  • What is your personality/leadership type?

  • A guide to ethical decision making

  • Complex problem solving techniques

  • Self-Development: Learning is a journey

  • How to build an innovative environment

  • How to build a professional network & portfolio

  • Best practices for good communication

  • How to build trust with your supervisors and co-workers

  • What is the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Best practices for conflict management

  • How to balance work-family life?

  • How to break the glass ceiling for women, minorities and underrepresented groups

  • Focus on wellness and well-being

The Leadership Summit is providing cutting-edge research and best practices for people who have a leadership role in their professional and personal lives.


The Summit features experts from all around the world that will tackle the issues and questions such as:


Virtual Conference

The Leadership Summit has been organized as a FREE, online event.


The sessions are available on Youtube and AcademiaCentral website. The conference is sponsored by the University of South Florida M3 Center, and AcademiaCentral.

Get Involved

We would like to invite you to the Summit!



The Leadership Summit is a join effort among the  University of South Florida, and AcademiaCentral. Registration to the Summit is free of charge to the public

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